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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: August 2012


giveaway, anyone?

I don't know about you, but I'm always interested in a giveaway. I mean, what's not to love? Free stuff? Sure!
So when contacted me a while ago asking if I'd be interested in sponsoring one on their site, my thoughts jumped back in time to when I was wedding planning and how much I would have loved to win something from my shop (which at the time I had no idea would come into being 1 1/2 years later ... but that's a different story!), and almost without thinking I said, "yes, of course!"

So, all that to say, if you'd like to win a $50 gift certificate to, head over to eleGala's blog and enter!  Who knows? You just might win! (and wouldn't that be lovely?)


Grandparent's Day is coming!

In the U.S. it is on September 9  - just around the corner! For my readers in other countries I am curious, do you have a Grandparent's Day where you live?

Some of the most popular gift items in the shop are the 5 x7 and 8 x10 silhouettes. Mommies and aunties ordered them in droves last fall in preparation for Christmas!

This year though, we are expecting our Little One to arrive in early November, so I have decided to temporarily discontinue the silhouettes during November (so that I can focus on Baby!) and possibly December as well.
What's this mean for you? If you want one (or a few), order early! And what better time to order than as a gift for Grandparent's Day, hmm? : )

Here is a link that will easily get you to the silhouette section in my shop: silhouettes and if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email me through Etsy, leave a comment here or email me at

And have a lovely day!

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