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welcome 2013

the path less traveled market: welcome 2013


welcome 2013

top 12 memories from 2012 (in no particular order):
- finding out that we were pregnant - and telling John :)
- introducing our little ones to the Pacific
- taking them to Disneyworld and seeing their wonder
- having some of my things featured in print!
- celebrating our children's birthdays and celebrating John's 30th
- preparing for Baby
- enjoying a home {and yard!} of our own
- the day I realized we had surpassed the goals we had for the shop this year {still so amazed}
- making friendships with women in my MOPS group and Bible study
- seeing Em and Ian learn to love Jesus
- welcoming Olivia into the world
- watching John, Emma Grace and Ian absolutely adore her {so heart-meltingly adorable!}

13 goals for 2013 (again, in no particular order):
- make date nights happen {and not just talk about making them happen}
- blog on a schedule
- work on improving my product photography {& while I'm at it, my child photography, too}
- finish strong in MOPS and Bible study
- get someone started on "school", someone potty trained, & someone sleeping through the night :)
- be a consistent discipler of our little ones
- cull my fabric collection, only keeping what I'll {realistically} use
- ditto for the rest of my craft supplies
- plant more perennials
- get back into pre-baby shape
- listen to {& heed} the Spirit's direction for the shop, including launching our own website {!}
- seek God's {& heed} direction for our family
- continue to learn to put God first in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way

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