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weekly shop update

the path less traveled market: weekly shop update


weekly shop update

So, the weekly shop updates haven't quite as weekly as I had planned. :)
But then, I've been a bit busy with other things!

The other day I took advantage of a certain baby girl sleeping and made up (and listed - such a feet to get both things done on the same afternoon right now!) some snowflake and Christmas-ey things that I've had in my head for a while. :)

Here are a few photos and links to them - there's still time to place an order to enjoy them this Christmas!

The snowflake chair garland - to coordinate with the 10-foot snowflake garland

Christmas Star Cupcake toppers - the idea for these came while we were driving just before Thanksgiving and saw the neighbors' lights. One of the decorations was a star that had the word "JOY" in the middle ... and I knew I needed to make something out of it. :)

Snowflake Cake/Pie toppers (or you can use them as wands for little ones pretending to be snow fairies!)

Merry and Bright cupcake toppers

So, there you have it! 4 new items and one more week to place an order to enjoy them. :) And there's still a few more things I wanted to make for the shop this Christmas ...
Oh well! Here's to enjoying our sweet, darling baby girl and celebrating the wonder of our Savior's birth with Em and Ian.

What are your plans for celebrating with your loved ones?


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