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weekly shop update

the path less traveled market: weekly shop update


weekly shop update

So, I've been trying to blog a bit more regularly here (have you noticed ;D?) and part of that has been keeping you updated on shop happenings once a week (-ish). :) So ..... this week there are a few things to cover!

The first is ........ next Monday (as in, a week from today) is Cyber Monday! (can you believe it's here already?!) And I'm having a bit of a sale for you! I'm going to try to make it a bit more fun than just having a standard sale though - there will be a time sensitive coupon code. And it will only be on my Facebook page. (but I'll alert you on Twitter and here, too, just in case you miss this)

From 7am 'till noon EST you'll have a chance to use the code to get 30% off of your order (maybe the best sale I've ever had!) and from noon until midnight you can get free shipping. Pretty great!

And the second bit of news is ....

... there is a new item in the shop! Or actually, a new package of items :)

We're now offering the 12 Months of Decorative Joy - a collection of gorgeous garland for each month of the year! I'm now offering the 12 months of gorgeous garlands collection! This is a set of 12 different garlands, each 10 feet long (for a whopping total of 120 feet!), that are in a variety of themes to span your year of decorating and celebrations.

You will receive one of each of:
- Snowflake Garland (
- Romantic Red with a Single White Heart Garland (like this but in a 10 foot length:
- St. Patrick's Day Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Rabbits and Vintage Flowers Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Paper Lace Garland (
- Patriotic Stars Garland (like this but a 10-foot length:
- White Fabric Scallop Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Yellow Fabric Scallop Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Thanksgiving Paper Circles Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Pumpkin Paper Doily Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Christmas Paper Circles Garlands (like this but in a 10-foot length:
- Twinkle Stars Garland (like this but in a 10-foot length:

Combined, they will provide you with a piece of garland or bunting for just about every occasion during the year!

And one of the best things about this set? Buying this collection gives a savings of almost 20% over buying the garlands individually (I know, wow!).

There you have it - two announcements. And how I wish that "Baby is here!" was topping the list :D All in His timing though....

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Monday at the beginning of your Thanksgiving week! Anyone have super scrumptious plans? I'd love to hear about them!


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