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knitting fail

the path less traveled market: knitting fail


knitting fail

So, I have this plan to make Emma Grace and Ian each something gray that will coordinate with the hat that I made for Baby, thinking ahead to maybe some Thanksgiving or Christmas sibling photos (with them all wearing some version of a mama-made!). Em's has yet to be made up, but I did get Ian's done! Yay! And then I tried it on him .....

 It looks perfect! Like it should fit with no problem, right?
Yeah, right. I used Petite Purls' Sleeveless top pattern, which I love, but had changed it up with the addition of some ribbed stripes. The final result was a lovely vest that was just a bit long (which I was going for - the little guy is growing so fast and I wanted it to fit until Easter!), but about a size too narrow. Oops!

Oh well. Next step, unravel it and try again. : )

I know I'll get it right soon!


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