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decorating for fall

the path less traveled market: decorating for fall


decorating for fall

It's definitely getting nippy around here! A few weeks ago my nesting energy turned toward dusting and rearranging our "mantle" and bookshelves (side note - this shelf has been wonderful! We go it 3 years ago from Ikea and haven't regretted it once!). I dug out our Thanksgiving box to find our little straw and ceramic pumpkins and brought a few wispy branches in from the yard.

As I was arranging (and rearranging) I remembered that I just made up this fall colored garland for the shop, and then putting up that led to the idea of the "GIVE THANKS" banner ... :) Funny how my creative process works!

This cherub used to sit on my grandma's mantle and every time I see it my mind flashes an image of her living room ... so I'm not sure if I love the candle holder or the memories it holds!

The fat candle with the votives is my substitute for a fireplace this year. : ) I seem to enjoy making up "mock fireplaces" when I don't have access to the real thing (I've done it before, you know)!

In a week or so I'll add our pilgrims and turkeys to the table, bookshelves and windowsill. And maybe the little ones can find a few leaves for some crayon rubbings before they all disappear?

Have a lovely weekend staying cozy!



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