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rainy day fun

the path less traveled market: rainy day fun


rainy day fun

I love Pinterest, but you know that by now :)
One of the wonderful things about it is that it's an endless source of ideas for things to do with your kids when you run out of ideas (and here I thought I was pretty creative - some of these mommies are amazing!).

I found this idea for our afternoon's "craft" one day just before I was about to make dinner, and the little ones were enthralled. They were so excited to get started that they forgot that mommy might need "help" over at the stove (the intended result - yay!). And then they asked to do it again an hour later! And they asked again the next day, and the next day. Good thing we buy our vinegar and baking soda in bulk : )

 The original instructions mention using eye droppers and food coloring along with the vinegar and baking soda. And that she would recommend larger dishes than the plates she used. So, we did!


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