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Emma Grace's Christmas dress (last year's version :D)

the path less traveled market: Emma Grace's Christmas dress (last year's version :D)


Emma Grace's Christmas dress (last year's version :D)

 Do any of you remember the dress that I made Em for Christmas 2010? It was so sweet that I decided to use the same pattern for last years' dress as well. :)

I had a large batch of gorgeous antique lace from my great aunt, and wanted to showcase it in this dress. It was so beautiful that I didn't want any florals or prints to compete with it, and chose a soft gray material.

The peasant pattern was, once again, super simple to work up. The most complicated part was adding the lace! In fact, so simple that I made it the afternoon of a Christmas party we were going to (and for which Em didn't have an outfit for - problem solved!).

To keep the focus on the lace, I just used a few pieces around the hem and the sleeves. They're so delicate and lovely!

It's a sweet dress that looks darling on her, and I'm kind of sad that it doesn't fit anymore. But, now I get to make another! :)

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