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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: March 2010


new listing:

Upcycled Tshirt Blooms and also a listing for a single bloom

A trio of lovely little blossoms that will add a bit of springtime cheer to anything you pin them on.

Wear one - or all three - on the lapel of your shirt, jacket or sweater, pin them to a hat or bag, a pillow, lampshade .... the possibilities are nearly endless!

These would make a lovely Mother's Day gift (it's coming up!). :) And if you live locally, they'd be nice for Easter, too.
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little girl skirt

Did you like the little skirt that I made for Emma a few days ago?
I used a free pattern download that I found over on the Oliver + S blog. Oliver + S is a darling company that designs and sells children's clothing patterns. Their patterns are just adorable, and wonderful to work with!

This pattern is quick and simple to make (it doesn't even have a rolled hem). In fact, it is so very quick and simple that I didn't even take any pictures as I worked on it. Seriously, this projects goes by quickly. :)

I love that the material has a vintage look to it. :) And so wish that I could get wallpaper in that design!

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naptime project

Emma got a new skirt while she napped yesterday morning. It's a simple little skirt, and probably a tad long for her, but it satisfied my itch to make something "springy" for her to wear. And the fabric is so gorgeous!!!

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custom options

I have a new listing up over at the shop: custom fabric - you pick - aprons. We'll see how it does!



It's hard to believe that March is here, but it is! The weather is becoming more and more spring-like, and the seeds on my windowsill are sprouting (flowers soon?).
The fabric store around the corner is having a "March-madness" sale, and I brought home these bits of fabric the other day. I'm thinking that the green and pink will turn into a dress for Emma - she is liking dresses better now that she is walking more and not crawling on the hems :) - and the blue pieces might become pillows? We will see. They are all so fresh and pretty!