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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: June 2009


working on things

more aprons are in the works ......... I'm just having a few "technical difficulties" along the way. Rather, the machine thinks it's hungry for thread, trys to chew it and then doesn't like it and spits it back out. "Bad sewing machine! Bad!"
I think I have figured out the issue, though, so things should be up and running again shortly.

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here's a fresh turn-out of aprons in warm blues with beige accents. they were a pleasure to sew, and if I could wear more than one at a time, I'd keep them!

the double pocket, neck and waist ties on the denim version are made out of a beige cotton canvas material with a vintage-look rose print, and the second one is cut from a beautiful French country style of cotton canvas. both aprons feature d-rings on the neck strap for easy adjustment.