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the path less traveled market: September 2012


little boy's party, part 1 - party prep

so, back in June our little guy turned 2 and we celebrated with a cowboy party (and it totally fit his interests right now!).
Here is belated re-cap of the decor and party, so you can enjoy the fun too!

Ian is really excited about cowboys right now (Roy Rogers, guns and anything that he thinks can be turned into a gun, horses, cowboy hats, "bad guys" ... you name it!), so we decided to throw a cowboy themed party.You can see a bunch of the things I pinned as inspiration on his party Pinterest board (who'd have thought when he was born 2 years ago that we'd say such things?!).

A few days before the party John brought home some large sheets of carboard that we (John) cut into 4 large circles and several cactus shapes. The circles got wagon wheels drawn on them and on the day of the party got fastened to the sides of a folding table to make a "chuck wagon" serving table.

The birthday boy loved "helping" - actually, he loved directing what we should do and then dancing on the cardboard cut-outs!

John took the cactus outside and spray painted them dark green, and I got busy making some paper stars ... and I'll post about the actual party later!

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