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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: May 2009


here you are folks

coming soon



just to let you know ...

the mother+daughter aprons are listed and ready to sell.
happy buying!!!



mother + daughter

Here they are! These are our first try at a mother + daughter apron set. I love the yellow, pink and green stripes. So yummy looking. I laid them out so that the stripes are vertical - slimming, you know. So you can make (and eat) even more cookies together.
Because the material is a heavier woven, the pockets are unlined, but all the edges are finished to prevent fraying in the wash. Because aprons are made to get messy. And washed. Over and over.


fruit of the sewing table

ta-da! another one is completed, with two more to follow shortly.

i especially like the way the salmon pink plays off the green on this apron, and the flowers are so cheekily cheery. So spring-like. And also summer-like. i love how that works. :)




the dining-turned-sewing room, as it looked this morning.




our dining room also acts as my sewing room.
I wanted to take a few pictures of it in its "dining room mode" before I pulled the sewing machine, fabric, and notions etc. back out
because it was so pretty as a dining room.

*the Christmas lights on the porch aren't left over from Christmas. oh no, we're much too on top of things for that. in fact, they aren't really even Christmas lights at all. instead, they are ambiance lights. :)



in honor of Mother's Day ...

... we are thinking of adding children's aprons to the store; they would be versions of what we already offer, just little (and therefor cuter).

What do you think? Anyone want one? Or know someone who might?


baby birdy

I took a break from aprons this afternoon to make a baby bird. It may turn into a larger project later, but for now, it is just a pretty little thing.
I got the pattern from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It is a beautiful book, filled with gorgeous images of projects that are organized by the time required to make them. So inviting. So soothing. So makes-my-fingers-itch-to-quilt.


European apron, chocolate canvas

Ah, more choices. :D


European apron, mint green