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mother + daughter

the path less traveled market: mother + daughter


mother + daughter

Here they are! These are our first try at a mother + daughter apron set. I love the yellow, pink and green stripes. So yummy looking. I laid them out so that the stripes are vertical - slimming, you know. So you can make (and eat) even more cookies together.
Because the material is a heavier woven, the pockets are unlined, but all the edges are finished to prevent fraying in the wash. Because aprons are made to get messy. And washed. Over and over.



Blogger Jill & Dana said...

I will buy them! They are just precious!!! I can't wait for Bailey to be big enough to need it. Email me as soon as you post them on the site where i can buy them! Thanks!!!!
Jill :)

May 20, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

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