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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: December 2011


my first Pottery Barn knock-off

I finally did it - I made my own Pottery Barn pillow. I've seen bunches of Pottery Barn inspired things that other people have made, and I've finally joined their ranks. And I'm so glad! A few weeks ago the Christmas version of their catalog came in the mail and I quickly thumbed through it for decor ideas, and, to make sure that I wouldn't get too tempted to buy anything, I even stood by the trash can while I did it so I could just toss it in when I was finished.

And then I saw the photo of the poinsettia pillow. The one that was made of linen and had a white, fleecy looking poinsettia stitched on it. With gold bells. And I knew I could make one. For free. : )
So, I tore out the page and tossed the rest.

I dug through my fabric boxes for the linen and fleece and got the bells out of the Christmas box and got to work (and then got interrupted by small voices letting me know that nap time was over).

Over the next week I cut out 18 petals: 6 large, 6 medium and 6 small. I made up a simple envelope style pillow cover and one evening stitched the petals to it with white embroidery floss while John and I watched a movie. The next day I put the bells on during nap time and voila - it was done!

It was easier than I expected it to be, even though it took longer than I thought it would. (funny how mothering little ones can take up your time :D). I love the result, and am delighted to have added something else to our Christmas things.

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gift certificates!

The shop has gift certificates now! I've added 3 different versions: $20, $50, and $100. They're a perfect way to give a gift that you know they'll love - because they were able to choose it themselves. : )