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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: January 2012


Angel Cakes

Angel Cakes in San Francisco bought some of the cupcake toppers and now they're including them in their Valentine's special!

If you live in the San Francisco bay area and are looking for a new cupcakery, Angel Cakes looks pretty wonderful - I wish I lived close enough to visit (or that they delivered to Indiana - that would be nice, too)!



something exciting!

Do you remember me mentioning a while back that there was some exciting news coming? No? Well, it was way back in November, and I can hardly remember it myself. : )

Well, anyway, way back then someone from this magazine contacted me, asking if I would be interested in allowing them to feature some of the garlands in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue, and if so, could I send them some sample garlands? Well, after squealing just a bit (Em and Ian didn't know what to think of me!), I responded with an "of course!".

Do you see it? (the garland, not the chipped nail polish ;) )

Look at that! My first time getting featured in print! : )

and then, a few pages later, they featured another one!


Their stylist has such a great flair! I love how they twisted white twinkle lights with the music notes, making them even more delightful.   

I've been having such a hard time waiting to share this with you all (I wanted to wait until the issue had hit the news stands), and have even more great shop related news to share!  Even though John and I have been praying for God to grow the business, it still amazes me and catches me off guard a bit when He does. : )

Stay tuned!



Style Me Pretty

A while back a bride from Ireland bought some of my Romantic Vintage Garlands, and her wedding was just featured on Style Me Pretty!

 I really love how the bride used them along with some other garlands for a rich and layered feel - and that she hung them vertically too. <3
It always makes my heart happy to be able to see photos of how customers have used and loved their purchases!

By the way, if you (or someone else) feature photos and links of your purchases from the shop and you then send me a link to it, I'll send you a coupon. : ) Thanks and love to you all!



Merry Christmas for the granparents!

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a bit of our Christmas decor