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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: March 2011


my creative space today: sewing for baby

We had a new nephew show up a few nights ago (so proud of you Leah! and so looking forward to meeting the little guy!) and so yesterday I quickly pulled out the material that I had stashed to make his blanket. :)
The blanket is brown minky on one side and a JoAnn's print on the other. I used the Scallop Baby Blanket pattern from Bend-the-Rules Sewing (such a fun book - if you haven't thumbed through it yet I highly recommend it!).

Brett's blanket is coming together quickly - now all I need to do is run it through the wash to get all the extra fuzz off and wrap it up for the little guy. :)

you find more creative inspiration over here today 

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my creative space today: wedding orders

Right now I'm up to my elbows in wedding orders like this:

and this:
and I'm loving it.
Filling all these orders for Spring weddings (plus being wife and mommy) is keeping me crazy busy right now, but I'm loving it. :)

you can see more creative spaces over at kootoyoo :)



vernal equinox - Spring is here!

Today it's official - Spring is here! The grass is getting greener, the buds on the trees are starting to swell and Easter is coming ...... just thinking about it makes me happy!

(and Peeps are back in the store, too :D)



we have a winner!

I'm so sorry that this didn't get posted until today, but we do have a winner for the CSN Stores giftcard giveaway!

I used to find our winner:

There were 16 entries (a big thank you to all of you who shared the giveaway on facebook or your blogs). For some reason I can't get the winning number to display, but it was number 10! So congratulations to Gretchen :)
Gretchen said...
I posted about your giveaway on facebook.

I'll email you all the info you need to claim your prize!


help me love Japan

Have you been watching the updates on t.v. and online about Japan? Every time they show images of the devastation my heart goes out to the Japanese, wanting to do something more tangible than pray (even though I know that prayer does help).

So, I decided to donate all the proceeds (that's right, 100%)  from my new garland - Romantic Hearts, white with a single red heart - to one of my favorite faith-based disaster relief organizations: Samaritan's Purse. They have a wonderful track record of not only providing relief and care to those most in need, but they also share Christ and His love with them.

If you'd like to donate directly through the website of Samaritan's Purse you can find all the info you'll need right here.

And, on a happier note, if you are itching to do some Spring-y projects you can find a ton of creative ideas over on these blogs. I'll be linking this at some of them. :)

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sewing for babies

Babies seem to be popping up all over this year (what joy!). It seems that every week I hear of someone else who is having a baby. :)
Our family circle is adding two - John's brothers are each having a boy. Emma and Ian are getting their first cousins this Spring! Of course, I have been itching to do some sewing for our new little nephews. :)

One of the things that was on my "Ideas" page was this tutorial for embellished burp cloths on Diary of a Quilter.  I (kind of) followed it to make a set for each new nephew:

burp cloths for baby Owen, whose nursery is animal themed with bright colors

burp cloths for baby Brett, whose nursery is elephant themed with pale greens and blues

Each baby is also getting some of Ikea's wooden child size hangers. I bought some when we were expecting Emma Grace and have loved them ever since! They are really classic feeling - and they never break (a huge plus!). One of the last things I did before we left Cincinnati was to stop by Ikea and buy some for each baby (and their mommies). :)

There are a few days left to enter to win the CSN Stores gift card. If you haven't yet I highly recommend it!

And you'll be seeing this (and a ton of other people's crafty Spring ideas) linked at a few of these blogs (click here) - you might enjoy checking them out!

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a little lace for Spring

  *there are a few days left if you'd like to enter the CSN Stores $25 giftcard giveaway! click here to find out how to enter*

A few weeks ago I was out and about doing some shopping for Emma's birthday party and found a package of little white paper doilies at the dollar store.
I picked them up thinking it's always good to have some doilies on hand, even if they didn't make it into the party decor. :)

It turned out to be a good thing that I did, because they turned into this pretty garland. :) I folded each one in half and then simply ran them through my sewing machine.
It was incredibly easy to do, and, because the doilies are 4" across, it was quick, too!

I have them listed in the shop here if you'd like me to mail you one (or more!). <3 It's amazing how just draping a lace garland across the wall can soften it and brighten the room.

I'm linking this over at a few of these darling blogs. There are a bunch of gorgeous ideas for Spring being posted in their link parties - I highly recommend you checking them out. :)

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just wanted to show you something

One of the things I really enjoy about my Etsy shop is when my happy customers post a photo of how they're using their purchase or leave a comment telling me how much they love it. It's so lovely to know that I've been able to bless them!

A few weeks ago one of my customers posted something in her own Etsy shop, ZigZagArts, that she had made using the jar she bought.

Susie makes lovely drawings, and she has been featuring the vintage jar she purchased in a few of them.

They're gorgeous Susie! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with them next!

And, remember, there's a giveaway going on here - scroll down the page and enter to win a CSN Stores gift card. :)

(the images are borrowed from ZigZagArts)