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weekly shop update

the path less traveled market: weekly shop update


weekly shop update

How have you been? Wonderful, I hope :)

Things around here have been wonderful, exhausting, exciting, busy, sometimes overwhelming (okay, overwhelming more often than I'd like to think), but wonder-ful.

 With scenes like this, how could it not be? :)
Olivia just turned 6 weeks old {where did those weeks go?} and has begun to laugh a bit. Little things like a baby's laugh can really brighten your day when you're covered in said baby's spit-up. :) And the other two are still completely smitten with her!

 But this post is supposed to be a shop update, not a baby update {but baby updates are a bit cuter and sweeter, yes?} :)
 So .... did you see on the facebook page that I've put the silhouettes back in the shop? If you were wanting one (or more!) and didn't get it before I discontinued them, contact me and we can talk about it.
As long as I'm talking about the facebook page, have you been seeing my updates in your feed? Chances are, with the changes facebook has been making, you might not ... so, if you'd like to change that {you would, right? :)}, after you "like" the page, hover over what is now the “liked” button, and select “Get in news feed.” That way you'll be able to see when I post new things like coupons{!}, flash sales{!}, or random photos of a cute little baby. :)

 screen shot of the work in progress

Next up - our brand new web site {coming soon to a computer/mobile screen near you!}!
My sister {who is really gifted when it comes to tech-y things} has been helping us put together our own web site. It should be ready to go live in another day or two, and I'll let you know when it does. It will be an integrated shop/blog, a site that has all of our web stuff on it {even Instagram pics :)}. We are working to make sure that when you head here to the blog, you are automatically re-directed to the new location, making the transition as seamless as possible. Oh my, I'm so excited!

There are some other things I was going to tell you, too ..... but I can't remember right now. Oh well, they can wait until next week. :)


p.s. can you believe it's just a month until Valentine's Day? I'd better start helping the kiddos make their cards and gifts for the grandparents {things like that can take a while when they are more interested in cutting up the finished products than in the idea of giving them away}!

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