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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: May 2012


because we need to remember

 Memorial Day weekend has arrived! Which means school is letting out for the summer - and summer is here!

 There's something special about Memorial Day that I really love - it doesn't hurt that tons of retailers celebrate it with sales! - and that sets it apart from most of our other holidays.
 So many of our other holidays and celebrations center on gifts, "me", and so on, but Memorial Day is about remembering other peoples' sacrifice, celebrating and honoring it and them.
 We gather together, barbeque, eat watermelon, maybe light a few fireworks, watch for the first fireflies, and we remember
 They say "freedom is not free", and it is so very true. Pretty much anywhere you look in our nation today, you  see the result of someone's sacrifice, whether it's their blood on a battlefield securing our freedom or their sweat and tears to maintain it. And it's what makes America amazing.

 Kind of sobering when you really think about it, isn't it? And so, we celebrate! Celebrate the people and the miracle that America is.

   (and, in keeping with the spirit of holiday sales, you can use the code "CELEBRATE" for 20% off in the shop until Monday night - enjoy!)

I made the above wreath a few years ago and thought I'd share it again (and maybe make it again for our front door?). It's the simplest thing, really, but still has quite a bit of impact. I took a heart shaped berry wreath and stuck American flag picks in it, letting them "wave" in the breeze, and then hung it on our door. So simple! 

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Etsy Kids

I got such a happy surprise last night - the parent and child silhouette is on the Etsy Kids Father's Day feature!
It was quite fun to click over and see John and Emma Grace there with the other darling items, and totally made my night.

What about you? What has been your happy surprise recently?

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