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the path less traveled market

the path less traveled market: October 2011


Pinning away!

Have you heard of Pinterest? Do you have an account? (If not, contact me and I can send you an invite - it's so handy and tons of fun!)

One of my friends back in California told me about it quite a while ago when it was starting up, and a few months ago I remembered and signed up. Now I'm finding it hard to believe that I had spent years using the internet without it!

Pinterest has almost completely replaced the folders from the bookmarks on my taskbar, and I love that I can see the images that go along with the links that I've "pinned". If you'd like to check out what I'm loving online or follow along with me, click {here} to head over. : )


knitting again

This summer has been pretty busy with Etsy orders and moving and my knitting got set aside for a while. I picked up the needles again a few weeks ago though. (so glad I did - had really been missing it)
The little ones and I were going to the pumpkin patch with our MOPS group on a Monday and I found this pattern {here} for a hat for Ian {on Pinterest here} the Friday before.
I had both orange and green yarns in my stash, he didn't have any warm hats that still fit (he has an amazingly large head), and so I set to work!

It knit up beautifully and was finished in time for Em to model it while "helping" John rake leaves. : )

The hat fits Ian beautifully and he loves it! Now I need to make one for Emma Grace (she seems to think I made it for her and can't understand that it actually belongs on her brother's head).   : )

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lovely limitations

Have any of you read The Nesting Place bog? If not, you might enjoy clicking over. Right now she is finishing up a series of blog posts titled 31 Days of Lovely Limitations. Her series is inspired by this quote from Henri Matisse:

Her version of that quote goes like this:

Now, isn't that true? We (or at least, I) want to make a lovely home for our families, but usually have a rather small (or tiny) budget to bring it to reality. So we improvise with what we have. : )

I've been finally getting pictures hung up around our new house (I didn't tell you that we had moved? Or that I might not be posting for a bit? No? Hmm. ... guess that post must still be in the "drafts" section) and came across this frame that had gotten some red wax splattered on it.
It used to sit next to a red candle that, well, splattered once when I was blowing it out and the stain stuck. The spots weren't too obvious where I had had it in our apartment, but when I hung it in our bedroom in the house the spots stood out to me like a sore thumb.
I thought about taking it down and putting it somewhere else, but it really completed the wall. So .... then I remembered the Nester talking about working within our limitations, almost celebrating them.
And I remembered that I had some lovely old lace that a customer had sent me. (can you see what is about to happen here?)

A bit of glue and a few minutes later and we had a solution!

 Ta da!

The problem was fixed and the frame is lovelier than it was before. Yay!

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