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just a little update

the path less traveled market: just a little update


just a little update

because, well, I've been pretty bad about that lately. : )

- Kind of fun: two items from the shop got featured in an Etsy weddings email last Wednesday! (I snagged the above screen shot from it - if you click on it, you can see the entire email)
- Even more fun: I keep getting busier and busier! which means more money for projects that have been needing to get done around the house (yay!) but also means that I've been having to juggle my time and priorities to get everything done (and blogging has definitely become lower on the list - so sorry)
- Even more fun than that: because of the increase in sales in the last few months, I was just able to donate $300 to Samaritan's Purse - amazing, isn't it?! (did you know that I donate 10%? no? well, I do : ), so that means that by buying goodies for yourself you are actually sending money to help those in extreme need - a huge win all around!)

Anyway, just wanted to pop by and tell you that. Now I'm off to sew a few more garlands before the kiddos wake up. If I don't stop by sooner (and I really do plan to, but, well, you are all keeping me rather busy mailing out orders), happy Valentine's Day!




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