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hello again : )

the path less traveled market: hello again : )


hello again : )

It's June 23 and Summer has officially been here for 2 days. And I haven't blogged since May 14 - yikes!

I had every intention of posting a new silhouette in the shop for Father's Day, using the one that I was making as John's gift as the example. Um .... I got his done on Father's Day afternoon. Definitely not in time to post.
His dessert this year was a Strawberry Upside-down Cake (recipe from here) and it was delicious. : )

Emma had seconds. : )

Blurry, but the best shot of John and the little ones from the day.

Father's Day was relaxed, fun and John got showered with loves from our children. He's such a wonderful daddy, and their love is proof of that!

So, yes, I have plans to post about all that I've been doing during the silence on this blog. And it's been a lot!

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