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My Advent Blessings (so far)

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My Advent Blessings (so far)

I really didn't mean to take a week off from the blog. Really. But life gets busy. Amazing how that happens. :)

Since I posted last:
  • we had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving with John's family
  • I got most of the Christmas shopping done on Black Friday
  • we got (most of) the Christmas decorations up, including the tree
  • I got my hair cut - 11" taken off and donated to Locks of Love
  • and a bunch of other stuff that I really can't recall at the moment

 the new hair :)

In the last few days I've also had a bunch of blessings! There has been at least one each day, and it's been kind of like my own special Advent celebration. All of them have been unexpected and made me feel so loved.

  • a fresh wreath arrived on our doorstep (thanks Mom!)
  • we were given a turkey
  • my haircut was free! (I guess that's normal when you donate your hair, but I had no idea when I walked in and was fully expecting to pay for it)
  • I found a dozen white roses on clearance for $2. They were already a few days old (hence the clearance) but I really love how they are open and blowsy looking :)
  • got this in the mail (okay, I kind of did know about it since I had ordered it, but I forgot about it completely! it was so nice to open the mail box and find it there!)
  •  And it snowed this morning.

I'm really loving this Advent season so far. I used to think it was fun when I was little, but it's even more fun when you're an adult! Looking forward to what the rest of December - and my Heavenly Father - holds in store.

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