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A Custom Mommy + Me Set

the path less traveled market: A Custom Mommy + Me Set


A Custom Mommy + Me Set

I was contacted by someone with a custom request through Etsy the other day. She was wanting to buy a Mommy + Me set for her sister-in-law and niece, but in fabric different than what I had on hand.
After a few emails back and forth, she decided on this gorgeous poppy fabric from the Michelle line at Hancock Fabrics (and it's on sale this weekend!).

I used a coordinating material for the facing to make them a little more fun. It turned out so cute!

Emma was watching me pack them up. She really wanted to "help". :)

This is what orders look like before I send them out, all wrapped in white paper and ribbon. I hope that the woman enjoys opening it. :)

I am really happy with how this set turned out and hope that the mother and daughter love it too.
Is anyone else interested in an apron or set in this fabric? If so, let me know. I might just buy the entire bolt of material!



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